Senator Jerry Petrowski Recognized for His Service to the Disabled

Madison, WI… Today, Senator Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon) was recognized by the Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities for his work over the past session to introduce and pass legislation that improves access to handicapped parking spaces for people with disabilities. 2013 Wisconsin Acts 325, 326, and 327, authored by Senator Petrowski, provide greater accessibility to parking spaces for disabled persons by increasing fines for illegal use of handicapped spaces, expanding options for parking enforcement, requiring lots to be brought up to code, and providing lift van accessible parking spaces.

“We are forever grateful for the assistance and education we received, and look forward to working with Senator Petrowski on other issues facing people with physical disabilities,” said Benjamin Barrett, Chairman of the Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities.

“We are very lucky to have a legislator like Senator Petrowski; he is an advocate for the disabled of Wisconsin,” added council member John Meissner.

“The large number of disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and the changing demographics of our overall population are going to increase the need for accessibility,” said Senator Petrowski. “These common sense changes will help ensure disabled individuals can move about our communities and perform simple tasks the rest of us take for granted.”

The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities was created over two decades ago for the purpose of recommending legislative initiatives to state lawmakers, and to raise awareness about the capabilities and challenges of people with physical disabilities. The council is comprised of members from around the state, many of whom have physical disabilities.